Considered the secret gem of Westchester, Treat Skin Care Center is owned and operated by Amber Bauchner. Amber sets herself apart with her results orientated approach to skin care. Her passion for simple, yet effective solutions to skin care has earned her clients' trust and respect.  Amber's ability to treat a wide range of skin care conditions — from acne and rosacea to pigmentation, sun damage, and aging skin makes her an invaluable asset to her clients. Her custom treatments, coupled with her home care regimen, keep clients looking flawless and coming back for years.


Amber has been passionate about skin care since middle school. While she does have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Amber was inspired to pursue a career in esthetics after having her son, Austin in 2009. Deciding that if is she was going to go back to work, she wanted that work time to be spent doing something really meaningful. Being able to help so many people on a daily basis feel better in their own skin is what this path is all about. Whether it’s working to help someone overcome acne or tackling the aging process as it relates to skin, Amber is so grateful to be in this skin space, doing what she loves.