Save $50 on Your Next Set of Eyelash Extension 

Top quality extensions, customized volume and effect for every client

Eyelash Extensions enhance the length, thickness and fullness of natural lashes.  They have been gaining popularity in television, social media, and every day life. Our lash extensions last up to six weeks and are applied individually by hand with medical safe adhesive.


Sick of applying mascara every single day?

With our eyelash extensions you will no longer too! These are not traditional fake eye lash extension strips.  We use only the best eyelashes and supplies in the process. For best results we suggest maintenance touch ups to keep eyelashes looking full and their best. 

Full Set $285 (plus an extra $50 dollars off)

With Discount $235


You WILL love your lashes again! 

  • Safe to use

  • Lasts up to 6 weeks

  • Certified technician 

About Treat Skincare Center in Bedford Hills, NY

Treat (short for Treatment) is a Clinical Skin Spa that specializes in custom facial peels and corrective treatments. It is owned and operated by Amber Bauchner, a licensed skincare professional with extensive training in facial peels, brows and lashes! 


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